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Gas Washing Bottle Complete With Sintered Head

Gas Washing Bottle Complete With Sintered Head

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Gas Washing Bottles complete with sintered disc are made of borosilicate glass. It is used, as the name suggests, for washing gases.
Gas Washing bottle is used to saturate a liquid with a gas or a gas with another vapor. A gas stream enters a tube that ends in with a porous fritted glass disc which provides a high surface/contact area at the gas/liquid interface. The dispersed gas bubbles through the absorbent material (which is usually a liquid), before exiting to the atmosphere (for simple tubes) or the outlet (for gas washing bottles).

Product CodeCapacity(ml)Stopper SizeProductPackingPriceQtyAction
1011801012524/29Complete Set2630.00
1011802025024/29Complete Set2738.00
1011803050024/29Complete Set2819.00
10118040125-Gas Wash Bottle Only2405.00
10118050250-Gas Wash Bottle Only2468.00
10118060500-Gas Wash Bottle Only2549.00
10118070-24/29Sintered Head Only2396.00

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