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Test Tubes, Plain, Round Bottom

Test Tubes, Plain, Round Bottom

Test Tubes, Plain, Round Bottom with or without rim are made from borosilicate expansion-resistant glass 3.3 for better resistance to heat and corrosive chemicals and longer life.

Product CodeTypeCapacity(ml)Approx (O.DXLength) mmPackingPriceQtyAction
10410010With Rim310 X 751005.00
10410020With Rim512 X 751006.00
10410030With Rim812 X 1001007.00
10410040With Rim1015 X 1251009.00
10410050Type1515 X 15010011.00
10410060With Rim2518 X 15010012.00
10410070With Rim3525 X 10010016.00
10410080With Rim5025 X 15010019.00
10410090With Rim7525 X 2005023.00
10410100With Rim10032 X 2005041.00
10410110With Rim17538 X 2005047.00
10410120Rimless310 X 751005.00
10410130Rimless512 X 751006.00
10410140Rimless812 X 1001007.00
10410150Rimless1015 X 1251009.00
10410160Rimless1515 X 15010011.00
10410170Rimless2518 X 15010012.00
10410180Rimless3525 X 10010016.00
10410190Rimless5025 X 15010019.00
10410200Rimless7525 X 2005023.00
10410210Rimless10032 X 2005041.00
10410220Rimless17538 X 2005047.00

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